Summary of the AATCC 100 Test Method.

The test microorganism is grown in liquid culture .

The concentration of the test microorganism is standardized .

The microbial culture is diluted in a sterile nutritive solution .

Control and test fabric swatches are inoculated with microorganisms.

The inoculation is performed such that the microbial suspension touches only the fabric ( see original method for details)

Bacteria levels on both control and test fabrics are determined at “ time zero” by elution in a large volume of neutralizing broth , followed by dilution and plating .

A control is run to verify that the neutralization /elution method effectively neutralizes the antimicrobial agent in the fabric.

Additional inoculated control and test fabrics are allowed to incubate , unditurbed in sealed jars , for 24 hours

After incubation , microbial , concentrations are determined

Reduction of microorganisms relative to initial concentrations and the control fabric is calculated .

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