Lavender Scented Bed Bug Waterproof Mattress Encasement Mattress Cover

Short Description:

● Long fragrance keeping: The lavender capsule is embedded in the fabric structure, and it can be well combined with the fiber without any binder;
● High temperature resistance: It can reach above 200℃;
● Rose perfume will be filled in the bedroom;
● Good wash ability: It will have good fragrance after 5~10 times washing;
● Soft hand touching: Do not affect performance of the fabric and ensure good moisture permeability;
● Safe and non-toxic on human body; no skin irritation and allergic reaction.

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● ITEM NO: ZC2284


● MQQ: 500PCS



● REGULAR PACKING : PVC zipper bag with cardboard and insert or Print PDQ box packing

● Delivery time : 25 Working days

● Quality :10 years warranty

Lavender is also known as perfume plant. It can soothe emotions, purify the mind, Relieve the uneasy feelings and balance the central nervous system. At the same time, it can improve sleeping quality, reduce high blood pressure, calm the heart, and help improve the respiratory and digestive system.

Lavender micro-capsule is a kind of aroma finishing agent made by special technical methods, which is suitable for cotton, linen, silk, wool, chemical fiber fabrics and garments. When the treated fabric is rubbed, slapped or rubbed, the micro capsules are damaged and the fragrance overflows after being subjected to external force. Then we can smell fragrance, which is commonly known as "bumping fragrance"; if there is no external force, the micro capsules will not be damaged and the fragrance will last for long time. It could be applied on bedding, underwear, decorations, paper, non-woven fabrics, cosmetics, paint, etc. The application of aroma micro capsules improves the product grade and added value. Our company has independent intellectual property rights for this product.

Guard bedding mattress encasement adopt 0.02mm TPU laminate ensures mattress encasement has great performance of waterproof, bedbug proof, dust mites proof.

Breathable waterproof 6 sides of mattress.

The four sides and bottom are knit jersey fabric with TPU, 5# strong zipper around for this mattress encasement , so it is easy to remove for washing.

Our revolutionary waterproof mattress encasement are fully surround your mattress to help to protect from stains, moisture, dust mites, bed bugs and per dander. Perfect for babies , kids and any body who wants to sleep dry.

We offer free designing service of sewing, labels and packages base on customer’s demand.

Do you need a waterproof cooling mattress encasement ?

You probably do, Whether your mattress set is brand new or a couple of years old, chose a suitable mattress encasement to protect is according to difference season is very important.

Why chose our mattress encasement ?

1 Fully protection (6 sides waterproof protection from bed bug , dust mite , bacterial and fungus)

2 100% waterproof ( Provides complete protection from spilled liquids and perspiration)

3 Breathable membrane (Advance material allows air to circulate keeping you fresh and dry on the warmest of night )

4 Hypoallergenic (Forms a barrier dust mites can’t get through and protects you from bed bugs and allergens)

5 This product is safe and no noise. It is easy to wash.

♥ Baby: They cannot control themselves not to salivate or bed-wet, so the mattress encasement solves the problem of the dirty mattress. Baby can play freely without worry about wrinkling.

♥ Pet: The mattress encasement can effectively protect your mattress from the pet's urine.

♥ Women: Applicable for women in physiological period and expectant mothers.

♥ The Elderly: It can bring you convenience to take care of the elderly with movement problems

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